Foil Stamping is a popular printing technique that can be used to create an array of artistic printing products. We transfer images onto different materials through a process of heating and applying pressure using metallic paper (foil).

The foil stamping technique and its effects can be used to add value to printing products such as foil business cards, brochures, flyers, books, magazines, souvenirs, calendars. decorating packaging and many more. The foil stamping process, which can also be referred to as dry stamping, foil printing, leaf stamping, hot foil stamping or plain hot stamping; largely due to the use of heat in the creation process. Adds a sense of elegance to any product, giving it a spectacular and prestigious outlook.


Foiled Business Cards on Black Paper
Gold Foil logo Business Cards on Black Paper
Foiled Business Cards on Black Paper

Placing an image onto a surface requires the creation of a stereotype, which is also known as a cliche, stereo-plate or just plainly stereo. The length of time necessary to create a stereotype/cliche is dependant upon the technical complexity of the design and can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to create.

Simply put; a heated platen and the cliche are pressed onto an object, foil is placed between the heated cliche and the object. The heat triggers the adhesive on the foil and in the case of the object being plastic, then the heat would soften the plastic.

After the pressure is released and the cliche lifted away from the object, the desired image is left on the object as the foil strips away.

During the manufacturing process, it is important to comply with the parameters of the operating temperature, so as not to spoil the foil.

Mixing the foil stamping technique with other printing techniques such as silk screen/screen printing, or digital printing produces a unique artistic impression. A large number of our products are created on quality Fedrigoni design paper, of which we have numerous samples in various colours, texture and density.


To enhance their image some companies have resorted to using foiling technology in large parts of their business, mainly branding. Foil business cards are also a form of marketing and the reception of an original and stylish business card (decorated with foil stamping) plays an important part in how a business is perceived.

We are able to offer and create various design masterpieces, thanks to a new approach to printing and our cool designers. When ordering business cards design and printing business cards at OK PRINT, our clients do not doubt the quality of the final product and most importantly – our products will attract attention to you and help add value to your brand.

Gold Foil Stamped logo Business Cards
Gold Foil logo and к raised ink on Business Cards Black Paper
Gold Foil logo and к raised ink on Business Cards Black Paper

We have been doing this for a while and we will always be able to advise you with the selection of paper and foil colour choices.


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