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letterpress business cards


If your intention is to get your business noticed with business cards that have a tactile elegance to them through a timeless and traditional means, then letterpress is your technique of choice. An ancient printing technique that is still as relevant today as it was centuries ago when it was first conceived.

The press created by Gutenberg; the man accredited with the invention of the letterpress, is regarded as the first instance of mass communication subsequently making letterpress printing the principal method of distributing and printing information. The achievements in letterpress have been contributive in allowing the everyday person access to the printing world while welcoming the movement of information and ideas.

TEL: 07539103626 / 02036374042

Letterpress printing is highly recommended for business owners who want an artistic look to their business cards. Letterpress printers of our modern era, are not only skilled in printing but also well versed in artistry and designing. A highly skilled letterpress practitioner uses the tactile and dimensional characteristics of letterpress to create incredible business cards with exquisite artistry and a depth and shadowing effect that can only be produced through letterpress.


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