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At OK PRINT, our mission is to create  and foster longterm relationships; whether with our clients, suppliers, partners and anyone else who shares our vision of a creative world where individual talents and abilities are sourced for collective brilliance without prejudice of age, gender or experience.

We aim to provide our clients with the opportunity to represent themselves favorable from the offset with ‘an artistic first impression’. We are more than just a printing company, in fact we are more than just a business. We are human beings and we care.

“OK PRINT” – An Artistic First Impression


Foil Stamping, is a popular printing technique that can be used to create an array of artistic printing products. We transfer images onto different materials through a process of heating and applying pressure using metallic paper (foil).

The foil stamping technique and its effects can be used to add value to printing products such as business cards, brochures, flyers, magazines, souvenirs, to decorate packaging, calendars and many more. The foil stamping process, which can also be referred to as dry stamping, foil printing, leaf stamping, hot foil stamping or plain hot stamping; largely due to the use of heat in the creation process.


Letterpress is an ancient, prime printing format, it receives its name in connection with a feature of printing form. The pattern to be printed is transported to the material by higher elements of a printing form, intervals between them which are called spacing are deepened. Higher elements are covered with special paint which is transported to paper with particular pressure, as a result slightly pressed, relief images and texts with a clear boundary are formed; this process is similar to use of a rubber stamp and a stamp pad.

This printing form remained the basic one through several centuries, because of the simple principle of work and easy printing forms of production.


Today, the silk screen printing method is still considered relevant and popular for creating art, especially on fabrics. Silkscreen printing is considered one of the oldest and easiest ways to print. With this method you can achieve different combinations, each with its own level of originality.

The screen in silkscreen or screen printing as it is also known, is made from a mesh material attached to a wooden frame. A stencil; which is a sheet of paper or other material cut into a design that allows ink to pass over the sheet and reproduce the design on the surface below. The stencil is  positioned under the screen while ink is forced through the stencil.