Today, the silk screen printing method is still considered relevant and popular for creating art. Screen printing is considered one of the oldest and easiest ways to print. With this method you can achieve different combinations, each with its own level of originality.

The use of screenprinting on business cards help to highlight the brand and image of an organisation. We believe the design of business cards should be simple yet effective, with the logo and text perfectly placed on the design paper. 


The screen in silkscreen or screen printing as it is also known, is made from a mesh material attached to a wooden frame. A stencil; which is a sheet of paper or other material cut into a design that allows ink to pass over the sheet and reproduce the design on the surface below. The stencil is positioned under the screen while ink is forced through the stencil using a squeegee onto the material below.

IMPORTANT! All layout designs for screenprinting should be in vector format and can not use gradients – all colors must be solid.

Screen Printing Business Cards
Screen Printing Business Cards
Business Cards with Screen Printing


Silk-screen printing provides bright vibrant colours and can implement solutions that can not be implemented using other methods. The main advantage of this method is the thickness of the paint layer which when dried, becomes resistant to abrasion. You can create special effects that can not be obtained in digital or offset printing.


  • On dark design paper, silkscreen has a beautiful shine with gold or silver paint.
  • It is suitable for use on cards of different density and quality.
  • Silkscreen has a wide range of colours, including white.
  • Can be PANTONE matched for accurate colours with no distortion.
  • The colors are bright and saturated.
  • Finished cards can be fully or partly varnished.
  • The process is relatively easy and versatile
  • Competitively priced


A business card is considered an important tool of every self-respecting company, it shows the prestige and status of the organisation. Since business cards are exchanged largely through close-range contact, we believe the card should be made of high quality paper with a clear and accurate design to have an attractive and impeccable appearance.

Our luxury business cards are made of different materials using different printing techniques. A commonly used combination is thick, coated paper with light lettering design. Design paper is the most popular material in the manufacturing of our business cards. Our bespoke range offers different colours, density and texture.

If you require premium quality, beautiful and original cards, please contact OK PRINT. We print business cards and other business stationaries (letterheadsenvelopesinvitations, etc). Using different printing methods including but not limited to screen printing. Our experienced and qualified designers can create the design for your business card and help you select the appropriate paper for your creation. We work with modern equipment, we guarantee the high quality and beautiful appearance of your cards that will emphasise and highlight your organisational brand. Our prices are competitive and we believe in an individual approach to each client.

We have been doing this for a while and we will always be able to advise you with the selection of paper and foil colour choices.


You can make an online order for Screen printing business cards, wedding invitations, and many more items using silkscreen technology. Simply fill out the form below. Letting us know exactly what you require.

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